Screamer - Third Eye Blind


Third Eye Blind

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2019-10-18
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2019 Mega Collider Records


Play Title Time Download
Screamer (feat. Alexis Krauss) 2:57  
The Kids Are Coming (To Take Y 2:46  
Ways 2:50  
Tropic Scorpio 3:09  
Walk Like Kings 3:21  
Turn Me On 4:03  
Got so High 3:27  
Who Am I 2:31  
Light It Up 3:46  
2X Tigers 3:50  
Take a Side 2:51  
Who Am I 2:51  


  • Perplexing Perfection

    By saosincubus
    I’ve been a fan since day one, and while there are moments on this album that I love and hate, I can’t stop listening to it. Thanks for the years of energy, passion, and magic 3eb - here’s to a new chapter!
  • Updated Review

    By toolibus
    Took a couple listens, I really am enjoying this album now. 2xTigers is really the only song I can’t like.
  • An Expert Favorite

    By LThiele22
    The powerful lyrics penned by the lead singer of my favorite band. I’m devoted to the intense delivery of each word that floats out of his mouth and the mouths of 20,000 fans simultaneously on an arena floor. The drum kicks in, the bass starts, a guitar strums, and boom. Vibes. Devotion. And as luck may have, 12 new songs just earned it. Like a screamer… Screamer has arrived. It may not be the 14th studio album, but as any Third Eye Blind devotee would, I’ve included unreleased albums to round out my list of top listens. But let’s rewind passed Screamer… passed Dopamine, Ursa, and passed Blue… and stop at the start. It didn’t start with my devotion. My late husband was the devoted one. He kicked off a story of drive, poverty, and ultimately faith. I think we all know the feeling of choosing tickets over food. Our devotion isn’t for them, it’s for us.
  • Third Eye Blind Screamer

    By tony_artist110
    Ways is my fave. Overall, pretty good.
  • Lighten up

    By NAB0183
    Seriously, if anyone can try something different it’s SJ and TEB! Been a fan since the start! No, this isn’t quintessential TEB but it’s right there! SJ’s voice is as good as it’s been and the beats, while different, still work great with what direction they are going in. Too many whiny fan boys/girls about the different sound. Go with it and just enjoy. Otherwise, leave the rest of us to enjoy it without your useless complaints. Toodles
  • Jackson w

    By jackson waffle
    This album is weak. I keep on waiting for an album that’s half as good as the first or second album - it hasn’t happened yet. There’s Third Eye Blind (the band as it exists with founding members Kevin Cadogan and Arion Salazar and Eric Godtland ghostwriting lyrics) and then there’s the Stephan Jenkins solo project (everything after the second album). Take away Cadogan and Godtland and you have nothing as evidenced by every album that’s come out after Blue.
  • What did I pay for?!

    By Bobfromage
    iTunes I preordered this album and it only allows me to play the 3 single they released and not the rest of the album! This is bs I want the rest of my songs, and no I don’t want to stream them, I own my music and that’s it! Fix it!
  • Decent

    By Drummercounts4
    A few good tunes on here. Overall it’s pretty good
  • Yes!!!!

    By 1Boozoo
    Love it 😎
  • Give it up

    By gyngergrl
    Worst effort ever! Didn’t expect much and now I’m just disenchanted

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