Navrai Majhi - Sridevi song (English Vinglish)

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coreogaphy Kunal More (Dance Floor Studio) Navrai Majhi Lyrics Translation: My new bride has been brought up with lot of love, She has a liking for the moon.. my new bride was born from God's blessings, She's like an Indra's Apsara to us.. [My new bride here doesn't mean the husband/husband to be talking, but the bride's mother/family are the ones singing this.] She walks going crazy, shy, feeling embarassed, to her beloved's home, in style.. she goes with her kohl-lined eyes spilling, to her beloved's home, confused, shy.. there are stars in her scarf, all shining bright.. there are seasons of spring in her bangles, and her anklets are full of greenery.. listen, please keep her well, she's very soft, very tender, priceless, flower-bud.. come, come, shake a leg, go swaying, sway.. the drums of joys are playing.. there are signs in her eyes, so stylish, throwing a little tantrum.. there are sceneries of dreams, all so colorful..