The Lion King: Uru's Long Story

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Hája💕😂 Editor: PowerDirector Songs: 1. Young and beautiful (Lana Del Rey) 2.Secrets and lies (Ruelle) 3. Coming home (Skylar Grey) 4. Ashes (Céline Dion) Credits: Emergencyusonly - Djcoulzanimalsonly - Tlk-ileana - Britthyatt - Whitekimya - Maxpainevolumn - Tuessaytamworth - Takadk - Nemushiffer - R-fakonwolf - Irete - Silver Wolf 17 - (2:33) :) CHARACTER BY Disney BASIC INFORMATION NAME MEANING Diamond GENDER Female SPECIES Lion STATUS Deceased PRIDE HOME PRIDE Pridelands CURRENT PRIDE Pridelands (at time of death) PRIDE RANK Queen (at time of death) APPEARANCE MAIN COAT Red-Orange SECONDARY COAT Light Orange MANE / TAIL FLUFF Brown EYE COLOR Red/brown BUILD Muscular CHEST Muscular NOSE Pridelander MORE  Uru is the 4th queen of the pridelands and the mother of Mufasa and Scar. Backstory Family Father: Mohatu Mother: Asali Uncles: ChoyoAskari Cousin / Mate: Ahadi Sons: Mufasa, Taka / Scar Daughter-In-Laws: Sarabi Zira Grandsons: Simba Nuka She was happy,nice, she has never bored :D Uru: Story When she was young she was still with her father Mohatu. One day her one guy save life when she fell from crocodiles. The guy was Ahadi. After She was still with Ahadi and she marryied with him. She loved him soo much. They had 2 sons, Taka/Scar and Mufasa. Mufasa was older then Scar. Ahadi had liked both of sons but when he saw Taka with hyenas he started hate him. He did him a scar and he started ignored him and he was still with Mufasa. Uru had big heart, she was still with Scar and she cared about him. He loved her and she loved him. (They haven't son or something else xd) only they were ,,good friends" one day when she died (lion or zibers killed her) Ahadi and Scar heart broked. Both were soo sad that she died.. Czech republic🇨🇿