Miley Cyrus Changes "Slide Away" Lyrics to Shade Liam Hemsworth during Emotional VMA Performance

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Subscribe to us: Subscribe to Shared Channel: Miley Cyrus gave an emotional performance of Slide Away at the VMAs. On Monday MTV made the unexpected announcement that Miley WOULD BE performing at the 2019 VMA awards. She took the stage last night to perform Slide Away for the very first time and her all black and white performance was beautiful and emotional take a look: Towards the end of the song, Miley made a very subtle lyric change that could have a much deeper meaning. The original lyrics are “You’re right were grown now” which Miley sings live at the beginning of the performance. BUT at the end of the song, she swaps WERE for I’M and repeats the new lyrics twice. The lyric change feels like Miley’s subtle way of saying right now she’s focusing on taking care of HERSELF, or it could be looked at as a diss to maybe he's not grown now. Follow: Sharing is Caring...