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Amazing Russian Tractors Brands Modern Agriculture In Russia Tractor Agromash 85tk is the brainchild of Vladimir motor-tractor plant. The model is a mass-reproducible due to active financing by the company "Concern "tractor plants". Tractor implements for over 140 types pricepe-attachments. Agromash 85tk used not only as agricultural Tehnika. The construction and forestry industries, and utilities are successfully using it for their own purposes. This model can serve as a road machinery. And for owners it is an attractive option universal tractors. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- join in social media : - - - google + -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alttrak | Алттрак In the line of agricultural tractors is available in three models from 140 to 200 HP, and the latest innovation is the T-501 with the Russian engine D-461-19 power of 200 HP, the Volume of production is small, and just one plant can produce about 500 units a year. However, this is enough, as the market of crawler tractors is not so great. CamTZ | КамТЗ For 2008 it was a real breakthrough, because the quality Kama tractor is not inferior to imported, but the price was at the level of MTW. However, the 2008-09 crisis gg crippled production, and investment were curtailed. The third breath plant found in 2013, when the newly deployed production together with the Italian company ARGO (5th in the world in terms of production of tractors), and 200 of the first machines went on pre-orders, which speaks volumes. At this point in the company's lineup of three models: TTX 185, TTX 215 TTX 230, - where the last digit represents the power. In the nearest plans Camts to reach the line of 1,000 tractors a year, and the expansion of the model range. In the future the plant should become the main competitor of DOLE. Петра ЗСТ | Peter ZCT The St. Petersburg plant machinery being upgraded Kirov workers since the early 2000s, and he looks like a tuned K-700. On the tractor are only Russian engines, which is good. The latest model of the FTA is tractor Kirovets 714, which has a capacity of from 235 to 420 HP and capable of performing almost any task. FTA Peter is not the only company which produces upgraded Kirovets, however, in comparison with other manufacturers of similar machines, has two important advantages. Localization in this model is very high, and due to this, the car has a very attractive price. As the FTA has a wide network of stations serving, which is very important, especially during seasonal work. Кировец К-9000 | Kirovets K-9000 Is based on three main models, which are inherited from older models is that only the name, but now it is completely different machines. The first is a deep modernization of legendary K700. Kirovets К744 received not only a new design but all the stuffing is now at a very advanced level. Capacity varies from 300 to 428 horsepower. The sixth generation of tractors Kirov plant is represented by model K-9000, which by design does not differ almost from the predecessor, but has a large capacity, which can reach 516 horsepower ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #tractor #tractor_farming #vehicle #mega_tractor #agriculture #work #Russian_Tractors #Tractors_Reviews #New_Russian_Tractors #Agriculture_In_Russia ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- link video : Big Tractors Plowing Fields Modern Agriculture 5 Biggest Tractors In The World