"The White Face in the Window" creepypasta by Nick Ledesma ― Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

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Chilling Tales for Dark Nights produces all-original horror audio content. Everything we produce features custom professional voice acting, music and/or sound effects. All stories featured are either written by our staff writing team or performed and adapted with the kind permission of their respective authors. Visit us at ChillingTalesForDarkNights.com for more information today. This video features disturbing true scary stories to tell in the dark, or creepy fictional horror stories. All of the videos on this channel contain terrifying tales narrated by professional narrators and voice actors, many with sound effects and music. People listen for many reasons, some being to help them relax, to listen to something scary, to assist with relaxation and sleep, and another is for entertainment purposes. Whatever brought you to the channel, we hope you enjoy. If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like, subscribe, and click the bell notification icon. It really helps out. Caden Clegg narrates this tale by CTFDN’s own Nick Ledesma, about a man in Chicago who comes across several neighborhood kids apparently attempting to smash something with a hammer, anticipating that they were torturing some defenseless animals. In the man’s owns words, if he had known what they were actually doing, he would have probably gone home and bolted the door. “The White Face in the Window” Author: Nick Ledesma Narrator: Caden Clegg Sound Design: David Cummings Post-Production: David Cummings Music Production: David Cummings Story Artwork: Craig Groshek Audio production © 2014 Chilling Entertainment, LLC Story © Nick Ledesma ★ ★ ABOUT PERFORMER CADEN VAUGHN CLEGG ★ ★ Caden Vaughn Clegg is a voice actor and a full-time teacher. Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCan47UxgeJ3CFF50YB6iG1Q Nick Ledesma is a producer, audio engineer, graphic artist, musician, and author for Chilling Tales for Dark Nights: Official Website: http://www.nickledesma.com Nick's Official Band Website: http://www.penrosestairs.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nick.ledesma.583/ DeviantArt Portfolio: http://nickledesma.daportfolio.com/ David uses sound effects exclusively from the following source for all of his productions: PSE Hybrid Library http://www.prosoundeffects.com