Love yourself - Justin Bieber / Reword Cover


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I spent a good chunk of my life NOT realizing how important is to love oneself.. Recently I went to that dark place again & this song lyric didn't sooth me as much as the music..! For some reason words started to flow in my head & I wrote 3/4th of the song in a short subway ride.. Never written any (english) songs before in my life but this lyrics felt right, so enjoy & leave a comment if this words spoke to you like it did to me ! This is not a parody, so I call it Reword Cover, plz suggest me if it has a better name that am not aware of.. Thanks & BE AWESOMEEE...! This music is from: Piano (Original Key) - "Love Yourself (Lower Key) [Originally Performed By Justin Bieber] [Piano Karaoke Version]" by Sing2Piano Go check this channel, they are awesome ! Piano (Original Key) - Piano (Slower Tempo) - Piano (Slower Tempo & Lower) - Acoustic Guitar (Original Key) - Acoustic Guitar (Lower Key) - Download our full version here on iTunes