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Lingering memories, Rekindled feelings. Missing u, still... In 1997 and 2004, Ger previously had hits on the charts on 98.7Fm station with My special angel, A chance with you. The song, My special angel featured on teenage textbook, Army Daze the movie and enjoyed airplays on several other radio stations as well. Ger also had successes in having her song being chosen one of the Youth Olympic songs in 2010. Sean Soo www.seanyphoto.com Music/vocal producer:Jim Lim Recording engineer:Debbie Christine Tjong Arranger/Musicians: Renee ong and Lydia Paulos www.reneeong.com Stylist:Nicole T Hairstylist/Makeup: Darren(neXt salon)/Fanny Special Thanks to: Su Peh Sun, Daniel Lim, Eilania Lee, Ryan Lee, Lv Chen na, Audrey Njoto, Danas Njoto, Cindy Quek, Lim Sox Bee, Felicia Tham, Kimiko Bando, Celia Wong, Rebecca Gao, Gao Yang, Garrick Wong, Janice Tan, Zhang Yin Yin, Adelena Shee, John Lim, Angela Li, Chu Guat Chiew. Available on soon on: iTunes - Spotify - 虾米音乐 -