Smola Norway Eagle Cam ~ Snow Falling; Baroness Brings In Prey; Baron Closeups 3.10.18

Lady Hawk

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The day begins with morning vocals from the Baron & Baroness who are in the nest or nest tree. A beautiful blanket of snow falls on this magical kingdom making it ethereal. Baron arrives at 1:37 and the Baroness shortly thereafter at 3:03. She brought in prey - some type of bird to eat. Baron works on the nest while she eats before taking off to the tree to the left of the nest. Gorgeous closeups of Baron perching on the snow covered limb. Thank you for watching! Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk Please join the new facebook group White Tailed Eagles of Smola Norway Nest of Baron, Baroness & Solo Special thanks to Streambird Pro, Svein Junge & team for hosting the live webcam at Live cam1 of nest: Youtube channel of nest: